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Whether it be low heat shrink film, perforated stretch film or state-of-the-art corrosion protection, Rhino Plastics has the right speciality packaging fit for your product.

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From rainwater harvesting and natural filtration systems to the rehabilitation and treatment of polluted water bodies, Rhino Water helps to conserve this life-sustaining resource.

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Rhino Agrivantage digs deep to offer a variety of agricultural solutions that condition soil and water and provide essential nutrients to deliver maximum yields and improve crop quality.

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In the dark about which lights to choose? Rhino Lighting provides an illuminating selection of energy-efficient, cost-effective industrial and commercial lighting options.

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Renewable energy solutions are a practical antidote to rising electricity costs. The Rhino Group conducts a full energy audit before tailoring the right fit for your green energy needs.

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Our Companies

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Turnkey agricultural, construction and packaging film solutions
Logo Greenbuilding
Sustainable construction, energy and recycling solutions
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Energy saving solutions for a broad range of applications
Logo Water
Water conservation, harvesting, treatment and storage solutions
Corrosion protection for automotive, aviation, mining, military and other sectors
Rhino Agrivantage (Small)
Leaders in irrigation, plant and crop nutrition, greenhouses and tunnels
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Our Projects

Greenhouses & Tunnels

Over the last decade, Rhino Plastics has been involved with the supply and installation of around 200ha of greenhousing across Southern Africa.

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Rhino Group

From humble beginnings as a plastic recycler almost 50 years ago, the Rhino Group has diversified extensively; initially into the manufacturing of sheeting and films for the construction, packaging and agricultural sectors, and then into irrigation piping for the latter. The group now represents a myriad of international suppliers, allowing it to trade further into those same sectors and successfully build sizeable national market shares.

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