From humble beginnings as a plastic recycler almost 50 years ago, the Rhino Group has diversified extensively; initially into the manufacturing of sheeting and films for the construction, packaging and agricultural sectors, and then into irrigation piping for the latter. The group now represents a myriad of international suppliers, allowing it to trade further into those same sectors and successfully build sizeable national market shares.

The Rhino Group has continued to grow through investment in our own distribution structure - with branches and agents servicing most areas of South Africa - along with own warehousing capacity, to serve clients in all sectors.

Group strategy has more recently led to investments into renewable energy and water treatment solutions, with Rhino Energy Solutions, Rhino Energy Projects and Rhino Water Technologies being formed and working closely with leading national specialists in their fields. Rhino AgriVantage and Rhino Irrigation were also established to enhance our agricultural presence, with Rhino Intercept Africa distributing unique corrosion prevention technologies for the automotive, military, aviation, energy generation and mining sectors.

Two pivotal elements of the Rhino Group’s strategies are:

  • Green building solutions – incorporating construction materials, passive design elements, energy demand mitigation and renewable energy supply as well as rainwater harvesting and waste water recycling. Our historic involvement in the construction sector, including the distribution of rated insulation material, has ensured understanding of and alignment with the new SANS 10400 XA New Building Regulations.
  • Food-Energy-Water – a holistic focus encompassing agricultural supplies, fertilisers, irrigation and the energy and water solutions captured in the bullet point above.
    Significant synergies exist between the various elements, allowing for a unique turnkey service. In addition, a tailor-made solutions-oriented approach, instead of a generic product push, creates further value for our clients.

Examples of some recent or current turnkey projects include:

  • King Shaka International Airport [Durban] – Initially secured under tender, with European associates, this was a R300m project for the design, erection and commissioning of the largest greenhouse project in SA. Rhino secured numerous tenders/projects to attend to all rainwater harvesting and effluent treatment to irrigate the greenhouse production, as well as damlining and other water-related work. Rhino was also one of just a handful of service providers invited to tender for the solar energy solution at the airport.
  • Large eco-estate – Rhino supplied overall hybrid solar/biomass solution for the entire development, consulting on the electrical backbone to facilitate renewable energy, solar solutions [power, water, under-floor heating] at residential unit level, passive design/energy demand mitigation, rainwater harvesting and all waste water recycling. Rhino provided agricultural support to ancillary initiatives at the estate.
  • Similar holistic solutions for other developments
  • Solar park installations from 1MW to 60MW

Our strategic intent is very much encompassed in the statement ‘Partnering with Professionals’ and as such we would appreciate any opportunity to engage further with you.

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