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Soil/water conditioners and correctors

Coda soil/water conditioners and correctors are products designed for the improvement of two fundamental elements for the development of any crop: soil and water. Read more


Foliar correctors

Coda deficiencies correctors are liquid formulations of complexed micronutrients and secondary elements by lignosulphonates: substances derived from lignin of plants that guarantee the availability and stimulate the absorption of nutrients by crops. Read more

Amino Acids Gr

Amino acids and bio-stimulators

Coda amino acids and biostimulators are products designed for obtaining the maximum yields and qualities of crops. Coda offers a great variety of products, with amino acids, seaweed and other stimulants to activate different vegetal processes. Read more


Foliar fertilisers

Coda foliar fertilisers are high concentration products and totally water soluble. They are designed for foliar applications of macroelements: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Read more

Pag03 Preventivos Gr


Coda preventive products are formulations developed to curb the effect of pests and/or diseases on crops or to stimulate the natural defence system of the plants against these. Read more

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