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Sustainable construction, energy and recycling solutions for business and home. Rhino Greenbulding focuses on various aspects such as construction materials, passive design elements, energy demand mitigation and renewable energy supply as well as rainwater harvesting and waste water recycling.

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Aruba Building Systems

The Aruba Building System is permanent polystyrene formwork comprising of interlocking modular, hollow Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) modules filled with concrete. The EPS is environmentally safe, strong and fire retardant.

Light Weight Concrete

Lightweight concrete

Lightweight concrete walls aid in sound proofing as well as thermal insulation. It is a fast means of construction and our team can construct up to 150m² of wall in nine hours. Our lightweight concrete blocks are manufactured out of 100% recycled materials, achieving full SABS fire ratings as well as meeting other structural design criteria tested at the Stellenbosch University.

Standard construction methods - using standard mortar to build with and a standard brick force - are used between each row of blocks. Door and window openings are treated in the same way as conventional brick work with lintels being used above openings. Lightweight lintels can be used that fit in with the block size or standard concrete lintels can be used. The blocks are easily cut using a wood saw with very little wastage due to accuracy. What little waste there is can be collected and returned to the factory for recycling - making the system 100% recyclable and green.

The speed of construction is at least 60% faster than conventional brick work with standard plaster being applied. If care is taken during construction, with accurate placement plaster, work can be reduced to a minimum with between 5mm and 10mm plaster thickness being applied providing further cost savings. The chasing of walls for electrical and other surfaces is easy and quick , providing further savings. Lightweight, high insulation coupled with good acoustics properties makes the rhino walling system a very economical and green alternative to all conventional walling systems.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete

Rhino Greenbuilding works with all types of concrete and concrete finishes for home, commercial and industrial settings. We install and polish everything from concrete floors, stairs, counter tops, kitchen tops and bathroom vanities to specialised custom-made furniture. With special grinding machines and diamond tools, Rhino Greenbuilding grinds and polishes concrete to remove the paste and expose the stronger concrete beneath. With this revolutionary concept, we makes concrete more than just strong and hard. The result is a stronger, more durable, shiny and beautiful surface.

The type and size of the projects vary with the selected finishes to meet individual tastes. There is also the option of polishing an existing concrete floor as long as it has a minimum of 25 MPA. The seamless modern finish one gets appeals to many architects and clients the world over - and has applications everywhere from homes to shopping malls and stadiums. New options now include lightweight concrete floors for homes, which provide an insulated slab with a concrete overlay screed in one of the finishes and polished. Underfloor heating can be achieved by making use of hot water piped in the concrete overlay.

Building Design

Building design and construction

Rhino Greenbuilding provides a turnkey solution for constructing homes or buildings by offering a wide range of products and finishes that can be incorporated into a new building design or used to revamp and alter an existing structure.

High quality finishes for all types of buildings include shuttered walling, as used in the construction of Baywest Mall, and projection plastering. The company can work as a subcontractor or main contractor on large or small projects, and our in-house mobile plant allows us to offer special lightweight concrete screeds for floors and roof areas.

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Floor and wall finishes

Rhino Greenbuilding has a division that specialises in Stucco and Tadelakt wall and floor finishes. These provide a modern seamless interior or exterior finish for new building projects or revamping an existing one. Covering old tiled surfaces with these cementitious screeds is very economical because the tiles do not need to be removed. A special screed is applied to prepare the surface for the finished screed.

The new MEO (Modified Engineered Overlay), available in many of the colours provided in the Stucco range, is an exciting product that is more economical than tiling a surface and can also be applied over existing tiled surfaces. These options can be used in a range of settings from homes to commercial and industrial buildings with very high foot traffic, making it perfect for shopping malls and restaurant floors. It is also used for non-slip exterior surfaces at a very affordable cost.

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The new screeding options provide very cost-effective solutions for insulating a surface area and as an overlay over waterproofed roofing. Screeds provide long-term protection for waterproofing for up to twenty years with no maintenance unless damaged. The pumped system also enables work to be done in difficult situations, with custom solutions incorporating our systems and finishes designed if required.

The option of lightweight concrete security walling is also available in a variety of finishes. Designed to meet varying security needs, it can accommodate electrical fencing on top of the walling as well as incorporating other options like sensors and sleeving in the wall. The finished product is durable, quick to install, can include an "anti dig" below ground structure and be plastered and painted or just have an off-shutter finish.

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The supply and installation of composite decking systems are also another option that can be incorporated into a building including the purpose manufactured balustrading to complement the decking.

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