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Rhino Lighting is more than just lighting: we offer energy saving solutions for a broad range of applications within the residential, commercial and retail sectors. Rhino Lighting is an accredited energy-efficiency auditor and advises a range of businesses on the most feasible and efficient ways of cutting costs by cleverly reducing their energy consumption.

Rhino Lighting specialises in designing and retrofitting to a client’s lighting needs. Rhino Lighting sells only LED (light emitting diode) products, which are energy efficient, cost effective and highly durable.

Replacing compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) with new-generation LED luminaires, or light fittings, has been shown to result in an up to 50% reduction in lighting energy costs, with halogen replacement savings as high as 90%.

A dedicated R&D team is constantly working to improve Rhino Lighting’s LED offering and keep current with the latest technology. For example, the new “driverless” technology has ensured longer lifespans across the product range and extended five-year warranty periods because the luminaires are more tolerant of higher temperatures and voltages.

Our offering includes:

  • Professionally conducted audits;
  • Detailed financial proposals, including returns on investment, cumulative savings and recommended sources of funding;
  • Recommendations on how to achieve the legally required lux levels – specific to a client’s needs and industrial sector;
  • Modelled light output using state-of-the-art software;
  • Metering - before and after lighting circuit energy usage – on the DB board; and
  • Installation project management– in-house electricians can be used.

Our Solutions


LED lighting

Replacing compact fluorescent lighting with new-generation LED lighting results in an energy cost saving of up to 50%. Replacing compact fluorescent lighting with new-generation LED lighting results in an energy cost saving of up to 50%.

Rhino Plastics' fourth generation LED floodlight use driverless, lensed technology to allow maximum projection of lit area with minimum energy usage.

High Bays

Highbay lights

Highbay Lights are typically used in light and heavy industrial settings. There are several advantages to using Highbay Lights.


  • “Driverless” technology ensuring higher voltage tolerance.
  • Active thermal management ensures this generation of highbays can operate at higher ambient temperatures – important above furnaces, ovens and kilns. Can still operate at ambient temperatures as high as 140 degrees in extreme cases and 70 to 80 degrees handled with ease.
  • Higher efficacy – lumen output per watt
  • Less light pollution
  • Manufactured locally
  • New range has a 5-year guarantee
  • 50% energy savings, with double the light output

New range includes (dome shape):

  • Rated power technology luminous flux guarantee
  • 80W Driverless 7614 LM 5 years
  • 120W Driverless, Thermal Mgm 11400 LM 5 years
  • 200W Driverless, Them Mgm 19000LM 5 years

New range includes (flat panel):

  • Rated power technology luminous flux guarantee
  • 96W Driverless, lensed 10100 LM 5 years
  • 100W Driverless 9556 LM 5 years
  • 144W Driverless, lensed 15200 LM 5 years
  • 150W Driverless 14400 LM 5 years
  • 192W Diffused, lensed 20300 LM 5 years
  • 200W Diffused 19000 LM 5 years
  • 250W Diffused 23875 LM 5 years
  • 300W Diffused 28800 LM 5 years
  • 360W Diffused 41700 LM 5 years


Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes are used in office settings, passages and in underground parking areas and retail settings. There are several advantages to using Fluorescent tubes.


  • Do not contain heavy metals that are costly to dispose of 
  • Instant light – no delays due to strike or start up 
  • Light degradation on LED tubes is significantly lower than traditional tubes 
  • 50% energy savings with double the light output 
  • No need to re-wire

Range includes:

  • Rated power technology luminous flux guarantee 
  • 8W T8 (0.6m) 990 LM 5 years 
  • 10W T8 (0.9m) 1300 LM 5 years 
  • 15 and 18W T8 (1.2m) 1950 LM 5 years 
  • 20W T8 (1.5m) 2150 LM 5 years 
  • 10W T5 (1.2m) 1200 LM 2 years 
  • 13W T5 (1.5m) 1600 LM 2 years



Deltacoat is a lightweight thermal coating for insulating
hard-to-reach areas such as pipes, storage tanks and


  • Reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling
  • Reduces energy losses and improves efficiency
  • Reduces unwanted solar heat gains
  • Improves insulation of cold water pipes
  • Encapsulates asbestos roofs
  • Prevents condensation
  • Prevents corrosion under insulation
  • Reduces personnel protection required on site
  • Adding food or agricultural industry chemicals provides anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties
  • Class A fire rating


  • Boiler rooms, valves and steam pipes
  • LPG storage tanks
  • Fuel tanks
  • Cold water pipes
  • Plant equipment
  • HVAC
  • Roof areas, side walls, ducting



Typically used to light up large areas such as parking or sports fields; also used for perimeter lighting and security lighting.


  • Driverless technology ensures higher temperature and voltage tolerances
  • Lensed technology reduces light pollution
  • Higher efficacy over older generation LED floodlights
  • SABS tested according to specifications
  • Locally manufactured
  • New range has a five-year guarantee
  • 50% energy saving and double the light output with new lensed technology

New range includes:

  • Rated power technology luminous flux guarantee 
  • 6W Driverless 440 LM 5 years 
  • 14W Driverless 1026 LM 5 years 
  • 25W Driverless, new lensed 2350 LM 5 years 
  • 50W Driverless, new lensed 4710-9800 LM 5 years 
  • 100W Driverless, new lensed 6937-15680 LM 5 years

Older ranges still available (220V, 2-year guarantee, SABS tested): 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 200W, 300W and 400W


Energy audits

Ahead of any energy-saving intervention, Rhino Lighting undertakes an energy audit of the business, focusing on areas where cutbacks on energy usage can be made without cutting productivity or service excellence.

From this an energy management plan can be mapped out with the lower hanging fruit or cheaper project taking precedence and the longer term projects assessed 100% correctly and to a bankable standard.

Advantages of an energy audit: 

  • Product-agnostic 
  • Metered results of the energy efficiency audit are presented in a report, showing load and total amounts of energy used in terms of kWh and costs.
  • Provides a roadmap going forward, with each possible energy-saving project identified with a demonstrated return on investment (ROI) and cumulative savings calculated. 
  • Possible sources of funding are identified in the report.

Previous experience:

  • PSEE audits – the Carbon Trust from the UK funded consultants to conduct energy audits for companies in order to identify ways that energy (and by implication carbon) can be saved by operating in a more energy-efficient manner. Between 2014 and 2015, Rhino Lighting consultants completed over 25 audits of smaller sized companies and assisted one large company to become ISO 50001 certified.
  • ISO 50001 – Lead implementers in ISO 50001, Rhino Lighting staff can assist your company to achieve energy management certification, which includes identification of energy drivers, energy review, baseline, setting realistic objectives and targets as well as drafting all required procedures for managing energy use going forward.

Flush Mount Led Ceiling Light Enterprise Furniture Flush Mount Led Lights Ceiling 1

Ceiling or panel lights

Ceiling or panel lights are useful for common areas in an industrial setting and or in retail environments. From time to time can be used in office areas and reception areas in bulkheads.


  • Higher efficacy over older generation CFL lights 
  • SABS tested according to specifications 
  • Manufactured locally 
  • New range has a 3-year guarantee 
  • 50% energy saving and double the light output with new lensed technology
  • Rated power technology luminous flux guarantee
  • 16W Driverless 1600 LM 5 years 
  • 32W Driverless 2816 LM 5 years 
  • 40W Driverless 3520 LM 5 years 
  • 60W Driverless 5100 LM 5 years 
  • 100W Driverless, waterproof 8000 LM 5 years

Traditional 4, 6 and 8 inch round ceiling lights are available and the guarantee is 3 years. They are 1000 LM, 1300LM and 1800LM respectively.

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