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Rhino Water designs, manufactures, installs and maintains customised plants and solutions for water harvesting, water filtration, black and grey water treatment, sludge and effluent treatment, and lake and pond rehabilitation.Water conservation, harvesting, treatment and storage solutions

Clients vary from small domestic users to large industry, including factories, office blocks and shopping centres across South Africa and several African countries, as well as farms and housing developments in South Africa.

Our Products

Water Harvesting

Water harvesting

Catchment from roofs and paved areas into tanks and reservoirs up to two million litre capacity

Damn Liners

Dam liners and flotation covers

Construction and installation of dam liners for earth dams, ponds, canals and reservoirs for the containment of water, sludge, fertilisers and waste water etc. Installation of geotextiles as underlayer to dam liner where soil conditions require protection of the dam liner.

Made-to-fit flotation covers to reduce evaporation.


Rehabilitation of ponds and lakes

Bioremediation, or the use of bacterial solutions, for the treatment of bacteria and algae in ponds and lakes.


Aquifers and reed bed systems

Natural filtration of water through aquifers and reed bed systems. The selection of plant species is specific to each application based on water quality. Maintain swimming pools naturally - free from chemicals.

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Water filtration

Treatment of water from boreholes, sub-surface springs, dams, rivers, industrial processes, roofs and paved areas and sea (desalination). Customised solutions to deliver water quality to client requirements, e.g. process water, irrigation or potable use.


  • Sand, Bag and SAF Filtration
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Resin Filtration
  • Ultra Filtration
  • UV
  • Reverse Osmosis


Grey and black water systems

Installation of black water systems for the treatment of sewage, using fixed film, aerated technology.

Also provide systems for the treatment of grey water. Ideal for car wash systems.

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Bioremediation is a treatment that uses naturally occurring organisms to break down hazardous substances into less toxic or non toxic substances.

It is environmentally safe and suitable for a range of industrial applications, including:

  • Abattoirs - slaughter waste and blood
  • Piggeries, dairies and poultry houses - manure and sludge ponds
  • Wineries, distillers, food processing - byproducts of processes
  • Plants - effluent treatment
  • Sewerage works - sewage treatment
  • Soil remediation - hydrocarbons
  • Golf courses - water and grass remediation


  • Anaerobic and aerobic digestion, aeration and membrane filtration
  • Use of natural bacteria to accelerate digestion


Ozone treatment

For odour control and water quality management in a range of applications from laundries to aquariums and industrial settings.

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