Abattoir waste

Abattoir 1

Our unique waste treatment solutions are specifically geared for the red meat and poultry industry. Abattoirs require specific technologies to effectively treat the wide range of waste categories specific to the industry, including blood, solid waste, stomach contents and mix of animals slaughtered.

Challenges include high ammonia, COD, BOD, coliforms, nitrate, TSS levels, blood and the slow decomposition rate of animal waste and stomach contents.

Our solution consists of a packaged plant to treat blood, organic waste and wash water to municipal discharge and irrigation standards, which can be recycled as wash water. Blood is pre-treated and added to the rest of the waste in an anaerobic digester with sufficient retention time to allow for further treatment in a waste water treatment plant (WWTP). The WWTP includes anaerobic and aerobic zones, aeration and flat-sheet membrane technology with sludge return pumps.

The plant design is modular, with most components pre-manufactured for easy installation. The anaerobic digester is constructed above ground to allow for effective maintenance, but lined earth dams may be selected if required.

Photosynthetic, chemosynthetic, aerobic, facultative and facultative anaerobic bacteria increase the breakdown rates of hydrocarbons, mercaptans and FOGs, significantly reduce sludge generation, and improve the nitrification and denitrification process to ensure the desired results, including the lowering of effluent waste (COD, BOD, TSS, H2S) and eliminating odours.