Water Harvesting 1

Lynnwood Bridge Phase 3

Rhino Water was responsible for the treatment of run-off water for Atterbury's Lynnwood Bridge complex, a prime 74 000m² mixed use development comprising three premium A-grade office buildings, a retail component, a hotel and bulk land under development. The treated water is used for toilet flush and irrigation and meets 5-star Green Star rating requirements.

Two of the buildings — named for long-lease tenants Aurecon and Adams & Adams — are single tenanted, while the third will be multi-tenanted. Lynnwood Bridge Phase 3 comprises of two 7 500 m² A-grade office blocks (building A and building B), each five storeys high. Phase 3 rests on five levels of basement, each about 4 500 m2. Phase 3’s two towers have Green Star 5 SA rating as one development with a single rating, which means both towers are jointly required to achieve a high level of performance.

Rhino Water designed, installed and commissioned the filtration system for all post-development runoff water from the roof and paved areas of the building. The treated water meets 5-star Green Star rating requirements and comprises:

  • SAF-1500 filter to trap gross pollutants larger than 100 microns
  • Bag filters to further remove solids
  • Carbon filter using granulated activated carbon for removal of volatile and dissolved organic compounds and further clarification of water
  • Nitrate resin filter for removal of nitrates
  • UV filter to control any micro-organisms and BOD levels
  • Water storage tanks for supply to toilet flush
  • Supply of water to toilet flush at constant pressure and interlinked with municipal supply as backup.


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